Teleprompter Heaven

It may seem out of your reach, but getting and using a teleprompter is surprisingly affordable, and can make an immediate impact on the quality of the videos you produce.

There are many to choose from, but I went for a sub –£40 portable model from Ebay, which originated in China. On top of that, all I needed was an old smartphone (iPhone 6 for me), and the teleprompter app PromptSmart Pro ($20 in the iTunes Store).

See below for the script I used in this video.

This is my script, and I set the peleprompter speed to 140 words per minute – although I can also set it to Auto-scroll to the sound of my voice.

“Imagine, if you will, a device which enabled you to look directly into the camera, and by extension into the eyes of your viewers, and at the same time be able to read directly from the carefully scripted content you have prepared for your presentation.

Whilst maintaining eye contact at all times, you will appear to be speaking from the heart, without continually looking down at your notes, or forgetting anything of what you want to say. If only you could give your presentation in the professional and natural way that newsreaders do.

Well viewer, I am here to tell you that such a device does indeed exist, in the form of a teleprompter. Combined with a previously discarded smartphone, and suitable teleprompter app, you too can amaze and delight your friends and audiences alike!”