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Multi-use Video platform for Mac & PC

We strongly recommend using ManyCam, as the most flexible, and easy to use, professional-grade webcam studio.


Best Online Events Platform

Having road-tested many online event platforms, we have settled on Crowdcast as by-far the most flexible and user-friendly solution for most needs.


Video editing software

Ease of use is essential, when it comes to quickly editing your videos, to a high professional standard. Amongst the paid options, we choose Camtasia.

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Technology products we recommend
kden live
PC Build for Streaming
Desktop Video Kit
Video Kit Lite




We Recommend

We will share details of products which we have used, and feel confident in recommending. If we are able to share any discount links here, we will do that too.

There will of course be other products for you to consider, but those listed here are the ones we have used successfully for our events.

Event Workshop Shows

Our guides to amazing events

About Our Workshops

We want to share the knowledge we have accrued over the past 20 years, in organising and hosting both in-person and online events. 

On a regular basis, Stephen and Louise have held online workshops, where demonstrate our approach to the challenges faced in making any event the best it can be.

Create Kick-Ass Events

This series of workshops from Louise Triance, examines the logistical challenges of devising an event, planning the content, and speaker selection. 

Additionally, Louise explains in detail the best strategies to ensure your speakers are well prepared, have confidence in the technology, and as a result can give their very best to your audiences.

Video Technology Workshops

In this series of workshops, Stephen O’Donnell demonstrates his geek-level obsession with the technology that can really make your events stand out from the crowd.

Take your events to the next level with authoritative knowledge of which hardware, software, platforms, and strategies to use for each type of event. Selecting the right kit (without spending crazy cash) is essential to ensuring you have faith you, your guest, and events partners are shown in the best possible light.

Doing this allows you to focus on the content of your event, and doing precisely what you do best!