Making Royalty-Free Audio for Video

One of the ways to make your recorded (and streamed) video content step up to the next level is adding the right audio track. (See video below)

Now whilst it’s tempting to “borrow” a cool James Brown, Aretha Franklin, or even AC/DC track, doing so will only get you in trouble with the copyright police. Any videos with recognisable music tracks uploaded to YouTube or Facebook will automatically be flagged for infringement, and often the audio on the whole video is removed – which is less than ideal. There are of course many places online to find audio tracks, either for free, or for a low price, and these can be great.

However there is another way, and you don’t need to be a good musician to do it. That’s right, you can make your own tracks, and it’s a doddle too!

Watch my guide video below, to see how I do it using the free LaunchPad app on my iPhone. There are lots of free music packs to choose, and the one I use here costs only £1.99. Even better, the music I make and reord with the app is royalty free, meaning I can use it anywhere!

Good luck, and happy filming!