UK Recruiter Tech Showcase

Expo and showcase for tech vendors
ClientUK Recruiter Technology Showcase
SkillsConcept, planning, marketing, execution, hosting

Project Detail

This is Louise’s own bi-annual technology showcase event, normally taking place in person every June in central London. 

For 2020 we took the event online, twice!

Over the course of a day in June and again in November we ran 30+ sessions to an audience of over 500 recruitment professionals. 

Each session was created, marketed and tech checks done with the speakers.  On the day we hosted each and moderated the chat and Q&A.   The opening session was a fast paced pitching session with over 18 people on and off screen; live streamed to LinkedIn. 



Devising and planning an online event with so many people coming on and off screen in the initial section was a big challenge, but Crowdcast was the perfect platform for this purpose. Equally, scheduling 32 separate live sessions for exhibitors to present their products, and interact with the audience was a stretch. However, we managed to do this in a way that meant all speakers, exhibitors, and most importantly, the audience found it simple to navigate, and easy to choose what to watch, as well as coming back afterwards to watch content on replay.

In advance of this, we also produced intro videos, outros, and video stingers, for branding purposes.

These events are now held twice each year.

You can view the full event here.