The NORAs – awards event

20th National Online Recruitment Awards
ClientNational Online Recruitment Academy
SkillsConcept, planning, marketing, execution, hosting

Project Detail

The National Online Recruitment Awards have been held annually since 2001. Traditionally an in-person event for 400 professionals in the UK recruitment sector, the venue is normally a darkened nightclub in London’s Covent Garden. This event is made unique by being unlike traditional awards functions, with no dinner suits, ballgowns, and chicken dinners. The emphasis is very much on celebrating the very best in the industry, and networking between employers, HR professionals, recruitment agencies, job boards and publications.



As a result of the 2020 health pandemic, the event had to be configured to work as a live online show. 

What was essential was that the award winners would be announced live by the sponsors, and then come on screen to accept the award and make a short speech. As all 55 on-screen participants would be located remotely, this was a huge logistical challenge.  Each guest had to be tech-checked beforehand, and given explicit instructions on what to do, where to login, and at what exact time.

We also had to incorporate 35 separate on screen video clips (with audio) played in between every award and guest.

On the day, we had over 700 live attendees, the event sponsors were very happy, and all winners and on screen guests were very pleased.