Recruitment Expo

The Recruitment Agency Expo
ClientRecruitment Agency Expo
Skillsspeaker preparation, video editing, hosting

Project Detail

The Recruitment Agency Expo is a very well established industry event, normally taking place with an audience of thousands.

This was the first time the event had been run online and the host had chosen to use Swapcard with pre-recorded speaker sessions.

We worked with them to brief the speakers, edit their pre-recorded content, create all the sessions on the platform and then host them during the live event. 

The event took place over two days with more than 30 talks, each requiring us to manage moderation and engagement with the audience. 

It was a huge success with well over 1500 attendees. 


The event platform used for this event was SwapCard.  This enabled us to schedule speakers on both days of the event, in an easily accessible format for both attendees and speakers. 

We edited prerecorded videos from speakers & exhibitors, and loaded these from Vimeo and facilitated live round-table discussions. The live discussions were hosted on Zoom, then streamed to Vimeo Live, which in turn was embedded into Swapcard on the event webste.