Carbon Neutral Cornwall

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ClientCarbon Neutral Cornwall
SkillsConcept, planning, execution, hosting

Project Detail

Cornwall Council host many “town hall” events but had never run any events online.   They knew what they needed to achieve in terms of the content and they also knew the audience they were targeting.  However, the challenge of taking an in person online meant they contacted us for support.



We helped them create a half day event with break out sessions, q&a functionality and engaging chat.  We worked with all their speakers to ensure they had the right tech setup and were prepared for the online environment.  Full dress rehearsals were conducted ahead of the event.   A team of moderators were trained in how to help the audience get the most from the event. 

The end result was a really fun and engaging event with higher attendees numbers than they’d expected.  

In addition to this, we also helped to create original animated video intros and outros along with the editing together of a number of contributed video clips for the event. These were streamed live into the event as part oc the schedule, and during breaks.