Louise Triance

Founding Partner, and Managing Director of UK Recruiter Ltd

Background and Expertise

I have been actively involved in the recruitment sector for over nearly 30 years and the events space for over 20 years.   

I worked within a executive search firm for the first part of my career and back in 1998 I taught recruiters how to use the Internet.   From there I established the UK’s (probably the world’s) longest running email newsletter, part of the infamous UK Recruiter portfolio, and have connected thousands of people within the sector. 

Within the events space I have hosted events for over 20 years including large group networking, small round tables, awards, conferences, speed pitching sessions, socials, and of course online events.

I’ve used live webcast products since 2013, being involved in using Google Hangouts and Blab in the early days.  I’ve been a fan of the Crowdcast product since 2017, I’ve run over 500 Crowdcast events, from 25 minute interviews up to full day multi-stream conferences.

I consult on all aspects of events; both online and in person. I have a wide experience of creating, planning, and hosting in-person and online events, but my specific expertise lies in understanding and matching the needs of the event organiser, speakers and audience members.   

I also like to think I’m a nice person, which in my book counts for a lot 🙂