Event Showcase

Here are examples a few of our clients, and the range of events which we have worked on. These will of course continue to evolve, and we are always keen to explore new event formats and platforms.

Digital Science Online Publisher Day
Miss America Foundation
Cornwall Hive
Recruitment Expo
UK Recruiter Showcase and Conference
RECex - recruitment Explained

A multisession user conference.  This was a half-day event with four sessions and 25 speakers. Hosted on Crowdcast.

Pre event preparation included tech checks for all speakers, a run through with the host and bespoke communication to attendees.

The Miss America Foundation held an online book launch, which would feature 3 former Miss Americas, from 1948 to 2000, which would be attended by many more former winners and members of the Miss America family.

It was essential to ensure that quality of the event reflected the brand values of the foundation, that those on screen felt completely comfortable with the technology, and for all audience members to experience an intimate event, which included many with friends with so much in common.

Equally important was engagement with the audience, in the form of discussions and questions.

Cornwall Council host many “town hall” events but had never run any events online.   They knew what they needed to achieve in terms of the content and they also knew the audience they were targeting.  However, the challenge of taking an in person online meant they contacted us for support.

We helped them create a half day event with break out sessions, q&a functionality and engaging chat.  We worked with all their speakers to ensure they had the right tech setup and were prepared for the online environment.  Full dress rehearsals were conducted ahead of the event.   A team of moderators were trained in how to help the audience get the most from the event. 

The end result was a really fun and engaging event with higher attendees numbers than they’d expected.  

In addition to this, we also helped to create original animated video intros and outros along with the editing together of a number of contributed video clips for the event. These were streamed live into the event as part oc the schedule, and during breaks.

Micad had run a very successful in person user conference for many years but now wanted to take it online.  The event was to be held over two days, with many speakers and some pre-recorded content.  They also wanted to host a Q&A as part of the event. 

We worked with the organiser to train up the on screen host, helped them to create numerous polls, conducted training sessions with each speaker and ran a full dress rehearsal for the event.

On the day of the event we acted as a moderator, helping bring people on screen and managing the Q&A sections.

Post event they needed to edit the recording slightly and then make that available to attendees. 

It was a highly successful event, leading to the ongoing creation of webinars for their clients. 

The Recruitment Agency Expo is a very well established industry event, normally taking place with an audience of thousands.

This was the first time the event had been run online and the host had chosen to use Swapcard with pre-recorded speaker sessions.

We worked with them to brief the speakers, edit their pre-recorded content, create all the sessions on the platform and then host them during the live event. 

The event took place over two days with more than 30 talks, each requiring us to manage moderation and engagement with the audience. 

It was a huge success with well over 1500 attendees. 

This is Louise’s showcase event, normally taking place in person every June in central London. 

For 2020 we took the event online, twice!

Over the course of a day in June and again in November we ran 30+ sessions to an audience of over 500 recruitment professionals. 

Each session was created, marketed and tech checks done with the speakers.  On the day we hosted each and moderated the chat and Q&A.   The opening session was a fast paced pitching session with over 18 people on and off screen; live streamed to LinkedIn. 

RECex is one of our own events, we have managed since 2017. As a result of the 2020 health pandemic, the event had to be configured to work as a live online show. 

What was essential was that the speakers and audience had an event experience that closely matched the previous in-person format, whilst taking full advantage of delivering the content online.