Make a Custom Intro Video

So you hit the GO LIVE button on your events platform, and what does your audience usually see?
That’s right, the screen bursts into life, the host and guests are mid-conversation, they don’t realise they have gone live, and someone has a technical error. This is not going to inspire confidence in your viewer, or give the most professional image of your organisation. Equally, it is pretty unflattering to your guests too.

With just a little bit of thought, helped by a dollop of imagination, you can solve this easily by doing one of the following:

  1. Simply use a holding image for your event, pause on it for a few seconds before starting the show. You can easily do this by sharing a simple PowerPoint slide with your logo on it, and the date & time of the show.
  2. Use a generic countdown video, many of which are available on YouTube.
  3. Make your own intro video. This can be as simple or complex as you wish, and should only last from 10 – 30 seconds. Here are a few I’ve made.
  4. If you want to tell a bit of a story, and set the right tone, you can get more creative, like I have below. 

Here are some of the steps I took in creating this video:

  1. I recorded the screen of Google Earth zooming in to my office building from space.
  2. With my Mavic Mini drone, I recorded a shot flying out of my office window, and rising above the building.
  3. I used to reverse the footage, so that it flew down to my office window, and inside.
  4. Using my iPhone on a DJI Osmo 3 gimbal, I set it to facial recognition mode to follow me as I walked to my desk, and sat down.
  5. The last film clip is using my webcam via ManyCam – which is how any audience would usually see me on screen.
  6. All footage was edited together using Camtasia.

The story idea was that anyone watching the show from anywhere on earth would be zooming into me as I sat in my office, and what the see of me in a show is now in context.